Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow!!!!

So "Mother Nature" decided to dump almost a foot of snow on Tulsa in less than 8 hours!
I went to a Preteen leadership conference at the church on Saturday at 9 am and it started snowing. By 2 pm I was trudging through the snow trying to get in my little car with a one-foot snow drift on the driver's-side door.
It was the perfect snow for snowballs and snowmen and at church this morning it made my heart melt (along with the snow because it is almost gone now) when the children were telling their stories of their first-ever homemade snowmen.
Growing up in Ohio, you take advantage of all the snow and just pass it off as a normal, every-year thing. Here in Oklahoma it is like a freak of nature to get anything past 2 inches.
I am so happy we had a day where the kids could go out and enjoy one of God's beauties. I am even more happy it won't stay around for weeks on end like it does in Ohio :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hangin' Tough!!

So laugh it up..........................

.....I went to the new kids on the block concert!!!!!!

Many people's response to me telling them I was going to their concert was like, "oh.... that's cool....*chuckle under breath*"

But let me tell you people.. it was probably one of the BEST concerts I have ever seen! They know how to entertain a crowd! They moved all over the stage, performed in the middle of the floor seats (where I sat, of course) and had TWO, count them - TWO encore performances (complete with green and white confetti)!

They sang their old songs (which are the ones I know) and some of their new songs.. it was great from beginning to end..

And I am not afraid to tell you all that I WENT TO THE NKOTB CONCERT!!! woohoo!

Oh.... Rachel said that at the end of the show girls were throwing bras and panties at them.. and they were kicking them back into the crowd! hahaha! Hilarious! I don't know why I didn't notice that.. but Rachel sure did get a laugh or two out of seeing that!

Friday, March 6, 2009

How Time Flies

So a lot has gone on since the last post (Halloween.. yikes)! Christmas came and went, Victoria's birthday came and went, my sister-in-law Ruth Ann had her baby, and Nathan's birthday came and went.... most of those in the month of February! These last few months have made me realize how blessed I am to have a great family and a great support system.

I applied to the OU college of nursing Accelerated program that begins in June of this year. Although I did not get in (tear), I did get put on their alternate list. So there still is a chance! I also applied to two other programs for the fall.. so hopefully they will chose me for at least one of the three.. I will take whatever I can get!

Church is going well! God has placed me into a lot of roles that I never thought I would play. Handbells, Nursery duty, and teaching puppets has me very busy! I was able to sing in a trio with two other girls over Christmas, and will be singing in another trio (with the same gals) during our Easter service! My friend and I are excited about another event coming up to unite the women of our age together. It's going to be called SPICE Night and we have a blog up and running! visit for more info!

Well it's time for me to pull an all-nighter at work, so I better get going.. I hope to get some recent pics of Tori up here soon! Speaking of which, she has now slept in a big girl bed for two nights in a row and we are working on potty training.. life flies by so fast when you're having fun!!

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