Sunday, September 28, 2008

So, here I am

So here I am following suit, starting a blog to commemorate my family's experiences. I thought it would be good to put something down "on paper" to not only remember these memories for myself, but for my downline, upline, and crossline of family members-- and of course, close friends who are like family to me.
There is so much I want to share with those who miss out on all of my fun times with the family (and of course not-so-fun times). Having some of my immediate family and close friends live several (even thousands of) miles away has been extremely difficult for me. I sometimes feel alone and my heart pulls for them in their respective geographical regions and yet I know right now I have to stay right where I am to follow through God's plan.
But who knows, maybe God will have some plans for me that are better than I ever thought and sweep me to another location in the future. Time will only tell!
So I am thankful to be able to post information for family members and to be able to receive information from those who are close to me. It gives me a source of comfort and closeness in hard times.
So a standing ovation for my first blog.... I did it! I hope you will be compelled to read future posts, as my head is filled with many stories I have been dying to share!